The Color Purple (Original Broadway Cast)

LaChanze Color Purple
The Color Purple

Title: The Color Purple (2005 Original Broadway Cast)
Artist(s): Brenda Russell, Allee Willis, Stephen Bray, Linda Twine, Joseph Joubert, LaChanze, Elisabeth Withers-Mendes, Renee Elise Goldsberry
Release date: 24 January, 2006
Publisher: Angel Records
Media: Audio CD
Features: Cast Recording

On paper, this adaptation of the best-selling novel by Alice Walker has all the signs of a success. “The libretto is by Marsha Norman (Night Mother), and the lyrics and music are by a trio of experienced pop pros: Allee Willis (the quirky woman behind” Neutron Dance “and the Friends theme), Stephen Bray (who has collaborated on Madonna hits such as” True Blue “and” Show Yourself), “and Brenda Russell (the smooth soul-jazz songstress behind” Piano The team has put together a collection of very catchy songs that may lack breadth yet handle different idioms such as gospel (“Mysterious Ways”), R&B (“Push Da Button”) and African rhythms (“African Homeland”) properly. The Color Purple is a perfect showcase for its cast, although the inspirational vibe can get a little bit, softening the edges and preventing genuine creative complexity. LaChanze gives one of her regular sensitive performances as Celie, but watch Elisabeth Withers-Mendes’s Shug — who sings a passionate paean to Celie (“Too Beautiful for Words”)—and Nettie (duetting with LaChange on” African Homeland) “from Renée Elise Goldsberry. The ability to hear these women strut their stuff almost makes up for the limitations of the show.

Track List

  1. Overture
  2. Huckleberry Pie/Mysterious Ways
  3. Somebody Gonna Love You
  4. Our Prayer
  5. That Fine Mister
  6. Big Dog
  7. Lily Of The Field
  8. Dear God
  9. A Tree Named Sofia
  10. Hell No!
  11. Brown Betty
  12. Shug Avery Comin’ To Town
  13. All We’ve Got To Say
  14. Dear God
  15. Too Beautiful For Words
  16. Push Da Button
  17. Uh Oh!
  18. What About Love?
  19. Act I Finale
  20. African Homeland
  21. The Color Purple
  22. Church Ladies’ Easter
  23. I Curse You Mister
  24. Celie’s Curse
  25. Miss Celie’s Pants
  26. Any Little Thing
  27. What About Love (Reprise)
  28. I’m Here
  29. The Color Purple (Reprise)


Favorite Show This Season
La Chanze was absolutely marvelous, making this our favorite show & score of the season (narrowing beating “Jersey Boys”). Loved the music, especially “What About Love” & “The Color Purple”.

I received tickets to the show for Christmas and I loved it!

I get to relive the play over and over with this CD.

It’s moving, and uplifting.
Khal F.

I havent seen the musical yet, but i cant wait! I love the music score.
Ginno F

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