How to Get the Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

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You just scored a partnership with the ‘The Greatest Showman’s director, and now you’re planning to showcase the remake of the musical show in your local community’s theatre. You’re optimistic that people will show up to watch this classic musical.

However, the theatre hasn’t been used for months, and you have to look for a way to ensure that the mess is cleared. Well, nothing makes a task more manageable than having the right tool for it. When it comes to the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair, having one that makes picking up pet dander, dirt and debris effortlessly is an excellent investment.

It’s the most versatile cleaning tool and bearing in mind the dust, animal hair and debris situation of the theatre, you desperately need to get one. You don’t want to have a red carpet affair with people dragging pet hair all over the theatre.

With that said, here’s a quick guide to the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair, depending on the situation you’re dealing with. It’ll help you decide on the best vacuum cleaner to get.

The Best Vacuum for Multi-Level Spaces

Theatres are meant to hold a capacity of over 500 people, therefore making it a large space to clean. Since you also have stairs, you need to get a hoover that can make cleaning staircases and the carpeted floors seamless. Well, there are upright, canister and even cordless vacuums that feature large dust cup or bag capacities, wide cleaning paths, longer power cords, long-lasting batteries and extra tools to help you keep your home clean.

You can get some of these incredible vacuum choices from firms like Miele, Dyson, Black + DECKER, among others. Robotic vacuums might also be great, but they’re useful in cleaning bare floors and one level spaces – they might not be the best for your community theatre.

Best Vacuums for Carpets

Here’s when a powerful upright is your best friend. An upright vacuum with a sturdy beater bar with a brush roll can dig deep into the rugs to loosen dust and dirt without going over the same part severally.

However, you might also need to get a few extra accessories so that you can the cleaning process easier:

  • Adjustable Height: You should get an automatic one if possible since you’ll be able to clean various types of carpets more efficiently
  • Manoeuvrability: ensure that you get an upright vacuum with swivel necks or a design that will make them easy to guide around the seats
  • Brush Roll On/Off Switch: it allows you to vacuum small areas of hardwood floors. It’s also incredible for transitioning between floor types
  • Weight Consideration: a cumbersome vacuum doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll work better. Since you’ll have to carry the hoover up the stairs, you need to ensure that it’s a model you can easily manage

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

If you’re dealing with pet hair issues, you need a no-nonsense vacuum with powerful suction and some additional tools to help keep the animal fur and dander under control. There are lots of vacuum cleaner options, both upright and canister that are specifically designed to handle pet hair menace. You have to ensure that you look for these features:

  • Motorized pet turbo tool that you can quickly attach to the extension wand or hose
  • Air filter with charcoal and odour control
  • HEPA filter if you’re allergic to pet dander and hair

Moreover, since pet hair can find it’s way under the theatre seats, ensure that you get a flexible crevice tool to clean those hard-to-reach areas easily.

Now that you’ve armed yourself with information to get the best vacuum cleaner for the community theatre, it’s time to market the musical and organize the best movie night for your people!

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