Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Original Broadway Cast)

Rotten Scoundrels
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Title: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (2005 Original Broadway Cast)
Artist(s): David Yazbek, John Lithgow, Norbert Leo Butz, Sherie Renee Scott
Release date: 10 May, 2005
Publisher: Ghostlight Records
Media: Audio CD
Features: Cast Recording

David Yazbek confirms with this giddily entertaining show that The Full Monty wasn’t a fluke — few can rival his melodic verve and lyrical cleverness on Broadway. Based on the movie of the same name in 1988, the show deals with a pair of con artists on the French Riviera swindling rich women. In the Michael Caine part, Lithgow brings debonair charm, while in the Steve Martin part, Norbert Leo Butz (Wicked) proves to be a humorous dynamo. And Yazbek supplies them with an array of cheerful tunes (adorned by Harold Wheeler in beautiful Bacharach-style arrangements). On “Love Is My Legs,” a wicked send-up of Celine Dion-style torch classics, Butz goes ballistic on the hilarious “Great Big Things,” which demolishes noticeable consumption, then pairs up with spunky leading lady Sherie Rene Scott. “Meanwhile, Lithgow nails the tender” Love Sneaks In “ballad. A delicious jazz reprise of Scott and pianist Bill Charlap’s” Nothing Is Too Good to Be True “shows that to be memorable, Yazbek ‘s songs do not require dazzling pizzazz.

Track List

  1. Overture
  2. Give Them What They Want
  3. What Was A Woman To Do
  4. Great Big Stuff
  5. Chimp In A Suit
  6. Oklahoma?
  7. All About Ruprecht
  8. Here I Am
  9. Nothing Is Too Wonderful To Be True
  10. The Miracle
  11. Ruffhousin’ Mit Shuffhausen
  12. Like Zis/Like Zat
  13. The More We Dance
  14. Love My Legs
  15. Love Sneaks In
  16. Son of Great Big Stuff
  17. A Message From John Lithgow
  18. The Reckoning
  19. Dirty Rotten Number
  20. Finale
  21. Here I Am (Demo)
  22. All About Ruprecht (Demo)
  23. Nothing Is Too Wonderful To Be True


Such an awesome musical, but it wasn’t the cast I saw, but a great soundtrack!
I loved this musical when I went to see it in late March of 2006. But unforutunately the only reason why I didn’t give this 5 stars is because this soundtrack doesn’t have exactly what I saw on stage, and I loved that better. This is an awesome soundtrack though.

When I went to see this musical, only 3 members of the original cast were still on the play: Norbert Leo Butz as “Freddy,” Joanna Gleason as “Muriel,” and Gregory Jbara as “Andre.” But, that night I went to see it, Gergory Jbara was substituted by Dennis Parlato, so I really only saw 2 original cast members.

Normally when you see a musical on stage or on film for the first time, you don’t really get the “entire” taste of the music part because you have to concentrate on the story, the characters, and what’s going on and what you’re looking at. Sometimes its even hard to remember the music you heard until you listen to it again without visual aid, unless the performance of the songs were very memorable. And the song that really stuck out here was Norbert’s performance of “Great Big Stuff.” His physical comedy and every single word rang with crass wit that was over the top and just begs you for more. Norbert Leo Butz plays “Freddy Benson” by the way.

When I saw the play, Johnathan Pryce was playing the part of “Laurence Jameson.” And Pryce is an actual British person, which kind of made his role more believable. His voice really fit the part. John Lithgow at times appears to lose his accent in the soundtrack. John Lithgow isn’t bad for the part though, and when he has to impersonate an Austrian Doctor, he does an over the top job.

Dennis Parlato (Jbara’s substitute) I believe did a better job at playing a Frenchman. His accent seemed less forced than Gregory’s here. Gregory brings a much more “snooty” personality to Andre than Dennis did. Maybe that’s what was originally intended perhaps.

Mylinda Hall played Jolene Oaks when I saw it, and in my opinion she did a far more fantastic job than Sara Gettelfinger. Sara sounds a bit too “mature” and a little older too. Jolene is supposed to be young, dumb, and full of fun!

Now Sherie Rene Scott does a fantastic job at playing “Christine Colgate” and better than Rachel York, the girl I saw. Rachel York was good, but Sherie does a good job at being a ditz, like Christine is supposed to be. She hits those high notes with ease and gives a nice flair of innocence in her role.

“Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” is a great musical adaptation to a movie, and I believe that you can buy the soundtrack before seeing the play but vice versa. However, if you are listening to the soundtrack before seeing the play, you better take “A Message from John Lithgow” very seriously because you won’t enjoy the play as much if you see it after listening to the soundtrack. So do what John Lithgow says!
Glenn F.

Good old dirty rotten fun
At first, I borrowed this from the library because I love Norbert Leo Butz. He was very good in Wicked, but the part of Freddy Benson seems made for him. I can’t wait to see the show; the entire cast is amazing. Some of my favorite tracks:
-Great Big Stuff
-All About Ruprecht
-Here I Am
-Ruffhousin’ mit Shuffhausen
-The More We Dance
-Love is my Legs
-Dirty Rotten Number

All three of the leads are completely at ease in their parts, even though John Lithgow and Sherie Rene Scott have since moved on. If you like good old-fashioned comedy, this is a show for you!
Tina G.

Catchy and Entertaining !
Perhaps not one of the great musicals of all time, I have to say that none-the-less this is one darn nifty show… held together by its stylish sets, stylishly catchy tunes, melodies and orchestrations, a “deserves to be a standard” love ballad, and over the top Blake Edward’s type physical comedy. – – The only thing that holds it back is the book which seems to lack consistency at times and took until the second act to pick up. Further, I don’t think the final plot twist was foreshadowed enough to be believable. But all of this put aside, I’d say this is definitely one fun cast recording – – and I’d even consider seeing it again (though I hope if it were to ever be revived, the play would be cleaned up a bit in order to make the musical more effective overall.)

One big disappointment… The play-out music is not included on the cast recording, but when you see the musical the brass is really wailing out on it !
Patrik M.

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