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Follow That Girl

A re-working of Julian Slade and Dorothy Reynolds's musical play Christmas in King Street (which opened at the Bristol Old Vic 24 December 1952 - this production also contained material by James Cairncross), Follow That Girl was the third Slade-Reynolds musical to reach London, following Salad Days and Free as Air.

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The Crooked Mile

The Crooked Mile is probably a masterpiece. It deserves to be remembered as a classic. It needs revival. Here is the grandest, noblest, most ambitious and most moving British musical of the 1950s. And we can afford to forget it?

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Johnny The Priest

'a musical drama', presented by Don Gemmell and Reginald Woolley for Players Ventures Ltd. It opened in London at the Princes Theatre (now the Shaftesbury Theatre) on 19 April 1960, and was withdrawn after 14 performances.

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Wildest Dreams

A musical entertainment in two acts by Julian Slade and Dorothy Reynolds, with music by Julian Slade.First performed at the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham on 20 September 1960. A revised production opened in London at the Vaudeville Theatre on 3 August 1961, closing on 7 October after a run of 76 performances. There was a revival at the Everyman, Cheltenham in 1970.

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We are grateful to Stewart Nicholls for his assistance in providing information on Wildest Dreams

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